Services Offered

Each and every Instrument and Player is unique.  I take a patient personalized approach with Every Client, Every Time,  regardless of the quality of the instrument or skill level of the player.  I am committed to providing the very best experience for every client, player, customer - giving you full confidence your instruments sing with their very best voice possible.  It is a joy for me to apply my developed skills and craftsmanship in a way that can bring you the utmost satisfaction.



Services Offered:

  • Professional Set-Ups:  Pegs, Bridge, Soundpost Adjustment, Fingerboard Planing

  • Major / Minor Crack Repair and Reinforcment - Top-Off, Rib, Back, Etc.

  • Neck Resets / Scroll Grafts - MAJOR STRUCTURE REPAIRS

  • Sound Post Patch

  • Bow Rehair and Restoration; HEAD PLATES, FROGS, LEATHER

  • Consignments of Instruments and Bows - A 20% commission & any pre-sale repairs done to the instrument/bow must be paid upfront before the item is shown to the public.



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