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“Max is one of the most gifted luthiers I have known in my life. He has a great ear for adjusting an instrument,  and his workmanship is superb. He also does does wonderful bow rehairs. Nobody should be this talented!”

-Jamie Laredo, Violin Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music

“Maxwell Morgan is my trusted luthier in Cleveland. Over the last several years he has done marvelous work on all my cellos and also expertly rehaired my bows.
I recommend him highly to both my students and my professional colleagues, and am thankful to have him in our area.”
-Sharon Robinson
, Cello Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music

Maxwell did a superb job repairing and restoring my 1620 Maggini violin after several cracks in the top appeared. It is always scary to have the top off, but the instrument came back sounding as strong and colorful as ever. Some registers are even better.”

-David Bowlin, Violin Faculty, Oberlin Conservatory

“When I slipped on ice and damaged my rare Italian violin, Maxwell not only repair it, he made it sound better than it had ever sounded before. Furthermore, Maxwell handled this stressful time for me with kindness, care and a sense of humor. Maxwell is now my trusted luthier who I entrust with all my instrument needs and send my students to.” 

Sibbi Bernhardsson, Violin Faculty, Oberlin Conservatory

“I Played three Beethoven Symphony cycles in 3 weeks on Max’s bow rehair and his work was exceptional; wonderful workmanship and materials. He’s worked one my viola and many of my students’ instruments and bows, I recommend him highly!”

-Marc Jacobs, Violist at The Cleveland Orchestra